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Patient Testimonials On How Acupuncture Has Helped Them

I have type 2 diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver, for which I am on daily medication. My abdomen felt bloated all the time and my ankles and feet were swollen and very painful; this was the worst part because I couldn’t walk properly because of the pain. I had a lot of doctors and specialists who examined me and took X-rays, but even after over 3 months they still couldn’t diagnose my problems, and I had to continued to make further appointments to see more specialists. Through my frustration, I decided to seek alternative traditional medical care. I met Acupuncturist Dr Ling and I have had sessions every day with her. It was amazing to see the immediate effects on the pain and swelling in my ankles and feet after each treatment session; I have been able to stop taking painkillers. I can feel my stomach moving and my abdomen feels much better than before. I also sleep much better than I did before too. So I highly recommend Acupuncturist Dr Ling, she has received great reviews for her natural healing using modern medical knowledge combined with traditional treatment techniques. She is very talented in her understanding and practice of acupuncture and body acupressure points and how they work on our body. I believe she could help you if you are struggling with any aspect of your health. 

- Mr W, aged 58,  Manager, Suffolk

Acupuncture & Holistic Health

Patient Testimonials On How Acupuncture Has Helped Them

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia

"I am so glad to see Dr Ling. Her knowledge treatment, patience and smart over the past a few month gave me peace of mind and I have every confidence in her. A really wonderful experience! "

- Mr D, aged 50,  Business, London

Acupuncture & Holistic Health

Patient Testimonials On How Acupuncture Has Helped Them

Sports Injury Acupuncture and physio

"I  was a rugby player, I had injured my left hand & Wrist, it always felt stiff, constantly painful, and a bit swollen. I got used to living with the pain until the acupuncture changed me. When Ling told me she can help with acupuncture & physio Tuina etc. At first, I didn't  really believe it would help. After one session the next morning I saw my left hand & wrist is almost the same size as my right, It is unbelievable. I continued with extra sessions and know am in much less pain and stiffness. 

Thank you Ling for helping me and easing my pain."

- Mr T, aged 48, Engineer , Kent

Acupuncture & Holistic Health

Patient Testimonials On How Acupuncture Has Helped Them

Car accident, Sports Injury without needles

After I had an accident, the insurance company and my doctor both sent me to have a few physio treatments. But my neck and my shoulder were still very stiff and not working the same as before. When I met Ling I discussed with her that I am afraid of acupuncture needles being used on me, so she said she would treat me without using needles. After the first session with Ling`s Tuina physio, I felt so much better that I gave up the free physio treatments from the car accident insurance. I was confident with Ling’s therapy and carried on with her sessions. After just 3 sessions my neck and shoulder seemed OK! I am really happy with her Asian Wisdom knowledge and the smart way she helped me back normal. 

I am 70 years old, and I was a motorcycle racer, I had a few accident during my career.  Before I met Ling I never realised treatments such as the Asian physio treatment could help me. Since the first time she helped me I have seen her many other times for other aches and pains and she has always helped me quickly. On one occasion, after she gave only one session on my back and legs, I was amazingly easily able to put my leg over my motorbike the next morning, when before her sessions I was unable to lift my right leg as high as the seat, and it hurt my back as well trying. I highly recommend Ling to anyone needing physio therapy treatment. She has outstanding skills, is very caring and understanding, and very knowledgeable and competent in treating pain and injury. 

- Mr H, aged 70, Retried, Herfordshire